Logistics solution for warehouse management.

Warehouse management system that through radio frequency technology and bar codes reduce logistics costs, increases productivity and quality customer service. allowing complete visibility of their supply chain and helps you manage your resources.

Sage 200: Integrated management solution.

Sage 200 it's the solution "beyond ERP" that meets the most demanding needs of small and medium enterprises more efficiently and for maximum productivity and rapid return on investment.

SDM Stocks - Professional application in the cloud for stock management

This app lets you manage the stocks of one or more stores, make inputs / outputs / transfers and inventories. And all in REAL TIME against our CLOUD!
Stock management is done directly from your smartphone or from an industrial pda. Then you can consult all the operations carried out in our cloud, through a simple WEB that will allow you to consult stocks, inventories, movements, etc. All this from anywhere without installing anything or server itself.

Information systems

  • Installations of computer networks (servers, cabling, wifi, racks, communications, data center, virtual networks, etc.)
  • radiofrequency facilities (Coverage Survey, wifi, gprs, communication ships, etc.)
  • Management Information Systems (management servers, Informatic security, communications, Backups, data recovery systems, IT consultancy, etc.)
  • computer consulting.