My company is too small to need an EMS?
any company, however small it is, improved with the use of an EMS: inventory management, reduction of errors, picking, staff costs, etc. The ROI is very fast, from 6 a 8 months.
Is the implementation of an EMS takes many months?

Genesis SGA has applications for SMEs that can be installed in a few weeks. further, Genesis version SGA Basic is self-configuring installable in a few hours.

What are the main advantages of Genesis SGA against other?
Our EMS is designed especially for SMEs, so it requires very little maintenance and is very easy to learn, what
It makes it very agile to incorporate new personnel being 100% Operating from the minute 1.
Of course emphasize a very competitive cost, and is a software 100% designed by Sidematica so we can adapt it to your needs.
Is the SGA to install now, Will you stay young when my business grows?

Genesis SGA offers modules with different features and services that cater to business growth.

You can integrate with my ERP?

Of course, we have a 'standard' connector. You can transfer information from plain text files, XML, EXCEL.

Will I have support once installed the SGA?

Sidematica offers a maintenance contract that includes technical support and updates.

You can be installed on a cloud?

Of course, You can be installed on a local server or on a server cloud.

It is compatible with all RF terminals?

It is compatible with virtually all radio frequency terminals market, provided they have WiFi connectivity and remote desktop.